New schools, old education

With the world changing, education has primarily remained the same through the years with every student taking the same tests, learning the same subjects, and being sent out into the world with the same basic skills.

However, what worked for the generation that came before doesn’t necessary work now, and many schools are working overtime to keep their curriculum relevant in this new age. Those schools that aren’t working have already made massive changes to their curriculum to give students a sense of what real life will be like.

Schools that teach life skills

The Steve Jobs School in Amsterdam

This school focuses on students learning about things that interest them, and everything is student driven. The students are given iPads with school appropriate apps and games, and then they are let loose to discover what excites and interests them.

After they discover a subject, they are invited to speak with other students and share why they have those feelings for the subject as well as listen to others and practice their social skills. The school promises to continue to evolve and keep learning in order to shepherd the students into the modern world.

Egalia School

Promoting total and complete equality, Egalia teaches their children from a young age that they don’t need to be defined by their gender roles. Names like girls and boys are avoided, and students are often just called their first name.

Stories are often changed to give the prince a chance to be saved by the princess, and so on in order to show kids that the actions they take and their personalities define them, not stereotypical gender roles. By using good self-belief and having confidence in themselves without using discrimination, the school hopes to create good and caring leaders.

Waldof School of the Peninsula

This school is a low tech option for students that focuses on having teachers who care about the students and who are open to innovative ways of teaching them. The subjects are taught with interaction and creativity in mind, with knitting being used to teach a math lesson and games are used to teach languages.

This activity focused low tech brand of learning tries to help kids make memories, because with the technology of today’s world they’ll spend their whole lives behind a screen, but they won’t have another chance to make these kinds of memories.

Schools that we need

These schools might sound different, but instead, they are cutting edge. How many students in a traditional school don’t know how to write a resume, or research effectively, or write a respectful work email or letter of resignation?

Sure they might know high levels of algebra and understand Shakespeare, but does it really help them understand the real world and the people who live in it? By having schools that strive to teach the skills that every student is going to need once they enter the workforce, they will be confidently equipping the leaders of tomorrow.