Interesting (and real) school subjects

While things like math, science, and English are pretty standard fare for most high schools and colleges, several centers of education are all about analyzing the finer things in life. They offer classes on things both common and mundane while forcing students to look deeper into some of the popular aspects of our world.

Most of these are location specific, but all are fun and interesting and connect back to the subjects that they replace, ensuring that the same learning is done but the methods are very different.

New classes, new methods

Age of Piracy

This is a history class that seeks to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to the often romanticized ‘Age of Piracy.’ While pirates did have a fantastic golden age, it’s not as most movies and games would have us believe. There was often less swashbuckling and sailing the open seas and more of pledging the ship to a certain nation.

The class compares pirates and privateers, as well as the hard life on a sailing ship and on land, and it is a must for any pirate and seafaring lad or lassie out there!

Elvish, the language of the Lord of the Rings

Taught at the University of Wisconsin by someone who consulted on the elvish language with Tolkien himself, this course helps students not only speak Sindarin (the language of the elves) but also understand what makes a fictional language believable.

The Anthropology of magic, witchcraft, and religion: It’s no secret that every single religion is different, with so many people believing in certain things, from Animism (the belief that every object contains a spirt) to Christianity to Islam, but not many people understand why they believe the way they do.

This class not only takes apart the differences in religion, but also different belief systems as well as why people believe in what they do.

The physics of Star Trek

What makes Star Trek’s physics work? For a show that is rooted in science, how accurate is it? These are just a few of the questions asked at Santa Clara University that tries to understand the real world possibilities and mechanics of phasers, time travel, warp drives, and matter transporters.

Just how close are we to a future where the Borg could come knocking at our door or androids can exist? This class aims to find out while also fostering a love for science in its students.

All of these exist and more

Despite the fact that these classes sound impossible, they are real, successful, and able to provide tangible benefit through the lenses of a fun class and subject. It might take some fantasy lenses to get students hooked, but they will walk away with the knowledge that can be brought to the real world.

Students who live near the campuses that offer these classes should all make an attempt to get inside and learn what they have to offer. After all, it’ll make one heck of a story.